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Ronan the Friendly Ghost

In today's age of action-packed video games and customization options that goes deeper than a wishing well, it's hard to find a game title to buy PC game keys for that features a compelling story. And, no, that video game that can easily pass for a thriller movie is out of the question.

But every year there is that underdog game that fits the description, sliding quietly under the shooter game craziness that's dominating the video game industry at the moment. One such game came in 2014, titled Murdered: Soul Suspect. The title alone is already enough to elicit curiosity.

The game, which was published by Square Enix, takes you to a fictional American town called Salem, wherein you are placed in the shoes of Detective Ronan O'Connor. As the detective, your main task is to get to the bottom of "The Bell Killer" case that has been running rampart for quite some time in the town. Now, before you deem this game as some kind of CSI-wannabe video game that is a complete waste of PC game keys, there is one interesting catch.

Ronan O'Connor, unlike the more popular detective brought to life by Robert Downey, Jr., is already dead.

Yes, you will be controlling a ghost in the game. And the method in which Ronan met his unfortunate fate? That's right, at the hands of the so-called Bell Killer himself/herself. If that premise is not enough to get your curiosity juices flowing, then go back to your beloved shooters.

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Start your investigation using your PC game keys

Now, before you lament the fact that controlling a ghost deprives you of employing the many gadgets and techie stuff used by detectives, consider first that you are playing as a supernatural being in this game brought about by PC game keys. Ronan isn't just your normal ghost (if there ever was such a thing): he's a ghost endowed with supernatural abilities.

Some of the abilities that you can have access to include:

* Teleportation - Since you are no longer walking on the planes of the normal world, you're pretty much open to appearing anywhere at any time, just like ghosts in movies. What, do you think those ghosts are just running around invisible when suddenly appearing from one place to another?

* Pass Through - As in pass through objects. Well, this ability is pretty much self-explanatory. You wouldn't be much of a ghost if you still bump into things like living beings do, would you?

* Possession - If you are getting tired of controlling Ronan, why not control someone else instead? Using this ability you are able to possess a living person and momentarily feel like you are living again. Like the ability above, this one's easy to grasp.

Dig into buried secrets in Murdered: Soul Suspect and use every piece of information in order to solve the mystery of The Bell Killer. Pay extra attention to all the supporting characters, too, because some of them are not what they seem. Get into the case with your discounted PC game keys now!

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