Tips for Searching for Cobb County Property Records?

cobb county property records

Every county as well as state keeps the public records on property. You can get to specific records, for example, property tax installments, foreclosures and deeds by asking for a report on the web or in a county office. Discover the tips for searching for Cobb county property records in your general vicinity.

     Assemble Information 

1. Identify the county where the Cobb County property is found. In the United States, most property records are taken care of at the county level.

2. Find an address for the area of the Cobb county property.
  • In the instance of manufactured homes, these are normally classified as individual property, as opposed to real property, so they might not have an address connected with them.
3. Find the owner name. Sometimes, you can research the individual to discover information about the Cobb county property.

     Identify the Record 

1. Do an online search utilizing the county name and "public records" as the inquiry.

2. Click on the administration destinations (.gov) that show up.

3. Decide the record that you need to search for. You may need to go to a few destinations or areas to get a nitty gritty property record.
  • You can acquire Cobb county property tax records with the county's Assessments and Taxation division. This will demonstrate the property tax installments for a given property. 
  • You can do search for deeds as well as land records with the Clerk and Recorder's office of key records. 
  • You can do search Tax Liens as well as Foreclosures in your county by means of the Assessments and Taxation divisions and through the notices of public.
4. Keep a post for property mapping administrations accessible through your county's agent, recorder or appraisals and taxation division. A few states do mapping out areas that possess foreclosures, liens or other types of public records.

     Agent and Recorder Searches 

  1. Go to your neighborhood Clerk and Recorder office, if you can't locate an online search alternative. Ask for a public records search on your preferred area. 
  • Find the state office you need for a property search. A few sites present connections on property records workplaces in each of the 50 states.
      2.Fill out paperwork to have an agent finish your search.
      3.Pay a search charge of $5 to $100 to get a duplicate of public records.
      4.Request duplicates or different searches for an extra charge.

     Free Cobb County Property Search Websites 

1. Visit to discover records of houses in your general vicinity.
  • The free online report wo exclude the name of the property owner or the sale cost of the house, yet it might incorporate the year it was assembled, the quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms it has and information about the part size and region. 
  • This is a decent choice if you are hoping to purchase a house in the range. 
2. Go to if you’re going to research for a property in New York, New Jersey or       Los Angeles. This free public records search has point by point records in those ranges, like the  listings on

    Paid Cobb County Property Search Websites 

  1. Visit the information store at NETR Online. You can ask for a point by point property record search for around $3.50. You can likewise see the ownership and encumbrance report for $75
  • Paid search locales utilize a similar public property records that you can search for free through county sites and workplaces; in any case, paying the expense can spare you time and give back an itemized report. 
       2. Use to discover free and paid property records. A careless search is likely              free,yet you should pay for itemized reports.

       3. Sign up for a record with If you plan to make various request, this site gives                them to $.25 to $8. You can search for people or property.

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