Review of the Best Alkaline Water Filter

best alkaline water filter

In this article, I will mainly talk about one of the best alkaline water filter jugswhich is commonly known as "Alkaline Drinking water Pitcher Ion Carafe". Before going to choose any alkaline water filter, you should have to check out all the features and other advantages that you will get as a way to figure out the standard of your chosen alkaline water filter because a few filter systems may harm your health in many different ways. However, this review article is likely to be pretty much useful for those who are badly searching for an excellent alkaline filter water jug. Therefore, I would like to request my readers to continue reading this article to know more in details.

Features of this Alkaline Water Filter Jug:

Easy to set up:

The most essential and vital fact regarding this alkaline water filter jug is its simple installation process. You don’t have to ask for help in order to complete the installation process. Due to this reason, this alkaline water filter jug is quite famous all around the world. If you face any kind of difficulty at the time of setting up this alkaline water filter jug, then I will advise you to go through the manual attached with the product. But if the manual is not enough to solve your problem, then you may have to find other ways to solve your problem. What you can do is to make a call to the store from where you’ve purchased this filter and within a very short time, someone from that store will come to fix your problem.

Adds Different Fundamental Components to the Drinking water:

In addition, you will be very glad to hear that this alkaline water filter jug has the great ability of adding different types of necessary elements besides eliminating harmful chemicals and components from the water. It mainly includes three types of pieces that are really essential for our health. The first one is magnesium, the next one is potassium and the third one or the final one is calcium. To be honest, this feature can be regarded as the most important and vital reason for choosing this alkaline water filter.

Removes Acid Waste from your own Body:

Most importantly, this alkaline water filter gets the huge potential of removing acid waste components from your body. Definitely, acid waste is not good for our health.This alkaline water jug filter actually wins an incredible number of hearts of millions of folks over the while world through the elimination of acid waste from your own body.


1.Adds calcium, magnesium and potassium.
2.Manufactured in the United States of America.
3.Most importantly, it creates alkaline water just about cheaper for all funds.
4. This alkaline water filteruses the advanced filtration technology.
5.Water tastes much sweeter than other filters.
6.It assists eliminating acid waste from your body.
7.It also assists preventing premature aging just as a result of additional acidity in the body.
8.Again, in addition, it helps to stay away from illness resulting from an eternity of acid waste material accumulation.
9.This alkaline drinking water filter jug escalates the bio – option of minerals along with other different minerals.
10.Increases pH to optimum healthful amounts, nine to ten.
11.Simply great for home.
12.Simply greatfor office.
13.Simply great for traveling.
14.Pretty much simple to replace the cartridge (forty-five gallons or 8 weeks).
15.BPA free of charge cartridge housing.
16.Filter fits over any common pitcher simply.
17.Simple to grip handle.
18.Also simple to complete two-liter pitcher.


1.Some users of this alkaline water filter claimed that filtration does not fit tightly over any normal pitcher.

I would like to suggest “Shower Filter Store” for them as one of the most popular online stores for getting this type of item.

If anyone would like to lead a healthy and happy life with a quality alkaline water filter jug, then doubtlessly, I will recommend this item to them for sure. That’s all for today and thanks for reading this article.

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