Paris Taxi Scam at Gare du Nord

 taxi gare du nord

While I've enthusiastically stated that "Paris is amazing city" because of all general population space they devote to architecture and skill, my first impression of Paris was a dismal one. Whenever we arrived at GDN or Gare du Nord via Eurostar, our 1st 2 relationships was somewhat shady. I assume it had actually something regarding us arriving in Paris city rather late. I believe it was 11pm by enough time we acquired here.

1) Whenever we go out to obtain a taxi, a guy, located next to a couple of taxis, loudly asked us if we needed a taxi and informed us to include him. Being truly a careful traveler, I did so not take the bait. I believed something was off. I QUICKLY noticed an extended line of men and women looking forward to taxis right next to where this man was ranking. Confused, we strolled back to the station to consider directions. Whenever we couldn't find any guidelines so we went to consider a taxi again. Again the same man wanted to get us a taxi cab. As of this true point my partner asked him how much it might be, to which he replied 10 euros" "maybe. This is alarm #2 for me personally. I before experienced called the hotel, and I was informed by them a drive with their location would cost 40 euros. How is this man offering us a ride for 10 euros? And what's with the long lines of men and women he's not aiding?

Confused, we asked him another relevant question, I can't bear in mind what we should asked him, but it was something ridiculous like "is this where you await the taxi?", of which or what point we were shushed by him. WTF. If he was some kind of legit taxi director, like the methods you find before SFO, how come we are being shushed by him for requesting him a question? Is he afraid to getting caught for doing something against the law here?

And again, what's with the long ass series of individuals looking forward to taxis right next to him?

Obviously, I did so not feel safe coping with this shady persona, and he appears to be getting very agitated that people were not giving an answer to his pitch. We returned inside the train station.

2) In the train station, we were just walking along whenever a random lady came up to us and asked us if we needed help. She said we viewed lost, so she wished to help us. Following the occurrence with the taxi cab driver outdoors, my "Vietnam" travel instinct instantly kicked in. I didn't not stop to recognize her, although my pal does. To which we'd to take him from speaking with her. Later I proceeded to go online to learn that several folks have been scammed "useful" strangers at Gare du Nord. Obviously the rip-off is to assist them buy teach seat tickets, and also have them shell out the dough in cash. You'd be distributed by the scammer imitation seat tickets, and pocket the money.

After both of these experience I used to be very disappointed at having less security at the Paris coach. There have been a lot of cops and gate attendant around, nonetheless they all appeared to disregard the chaotic scene happening around them. I wished the Paris police force would become more proactive in chasing after away these scammers so vacationers like myself don't get considered for a drive when we step off of the train.

However, not all is lost. The metro drive from the place to your hotel was incredibly uneventful, and occupied, considering the overdue hour. It's funny to feel that using the metro at nighttime is safer than hailing a taxi cab.
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  1. Hi! I am Diane, I am French and live in Paris.
    I agree with you. I didn't know about the tickets stuff but the taxi scam I did. The people try to hook you up as you've barely reached the end of the quay after you exited the Eurostar.
    They will try to get you in their illegal taxis and charge you much more than the normal price (like 50€ for a 20€ ride) so you were very wise to avoid them. And they steal customers from the legal taxi drivers.

    The line you refer to is the legal normal taxi waiting line outside the station.

    Why is the police not doing anything ? Yeah, I wondered that. Apparently they don't come all the Time.

    All Parisians dislike Gare du Nord as it's dirty, insecure, crowed with bad people (thugs, drug addicts, scammers, pickpockets etc) in a rather bad neighborhood of Paris. The contrast with St Pancras in London is shocking and I am pretty sure Gare du Nord gives a very bad image of Paris to the tourists.


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