Review of a Women’s Leather Backpack Handbag

Womens City Leather Backpack Handbag Brown ‘Ivy’ - Combined

The classic ‘Ivy’ leather backpack for women is the right size for a day trip to the city since the bag features 2 inner compartments which will for sure assist you to keep your belongings and a simple access zip pocket on the front.

The sleek design consists of a long shoulder strap which is often split by a nylon zip which indicates that it is actually possible to wear it as you wish! Most importantly, this laptop backpack for women is made up of elegant and fashionable waxed pull-up leather. Let’s take a look at its features to know more in details.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of Women's City Leather Backpack Brown 'Ivy'


The price of this leather backpack handbag for women is US $99.51 which is quite okay I think for the quality you are getting. You might not be able to understand it right now that why I am quite okay with this price but soon I will provide you with some more features for this leather backpack handbag for women and that time you will surely understand the reasons behind my words. However, I am actually not sure about the price of this backpack in other online stores but the price I mentioned in this is the price of Chesterfield Bags. Do you have any knowledge or idea about “Chesterfield Bags”? Well, “Chesterfield Bags” is one of the most popular online stores where you will get different types of handbags, laptop bags, backpacks for both men and women. If you have sufficient time at your hand, then I would like to suggest you to pay a visit to their site to know more in details about their products and especially women's leather backpack if this article spark some curiosity in you to have a look on more different color and quality products.

As it’s an online based store, you will not be able to make payment in cash. In order to make payment, you have to use your visa or master card. If you don’t have the visa or master card, then instead of using them, you can also use American Express or PayPal. Make sure you have the right payment method at your hand before going to checkout. Otherwise, you may need to depend on someone for making payment. I really don’t have any problem if you depend on someone for making payment but keep one thing in your mind that today or tomorrow you must use your visa or master card or PayPal for purchasing items from different online stores. Internet makes our life quite easier and just because of this reason most of the people prefer shopping from online instead of shopping from the mall.

Premium Quality Leather:

To be honest, each and every item of Chesterfield Bags is made up of premium quality leather and for this reason, this online store is highly popular over the whole world. People nowadays are badly looking for the bags having premium quality leather but sadly most of the time they fail to find it. Some online stores though offer different bags or handbags or backpacks with premium quality leather but they fail to prove themselves right at last. However, if you fully depend on the Chesterfield Bags for purchasing your handbags or laptop bags, then one thing I can assure that you will never ever be cheated by them as The Chesterfield Brand is considered among the most reputable brand in the world for producing and selling leather products.


This leather backpack handbag for women can be found in three colors. The first one is cognac, the second one is brown and the third one is black. You can view them by paying a visit to the site of Chesterfield Bags. For more information, please contact them via e-mail or phone. Their customer representatives are always ready to help you at any trouble.


1. This leather backpack handbag for women is extremely easy to carry first of all.
2. It is quite light is weight.
3. Help you to feel comfortable.
4. The most important thing is this leather backpack handbag for women comes with a warranty certificate and with the help of that warranty certificate; you will be able to claim your warranty.
5. By purchasing this backpack handbag for women, you will get a warranty of five years.
6. Most importantly, this backpack handbag can be found in three different colors where the first one is cognac, the second one is brown and the third one is black. Different colors really make this product awesome.
7. For your kind information, this bag is made up of stylish waxed pull up leather. Waxed pull up leather is characterized by its soft feeling as well as two tone color effect.


1. A bit pricey for the quality you are getting.

Finally from the features and benefits that I mentioned in the above, one thing is clear that this women's city leather backpack handbag brown 'Ivy' for women features all the essential things that a women’s backpack should really have. So I think there should be no question about the quality of this handbag. So that’s all for today and thanks for reading this review.
Review of a Women’s Leather Backpack Handbag Review of a Women’s Leather Backpack Handbag Reviewed by Shovon Joarder on 5:25 AM Rating: 5

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