Review of an Outstanding Rain Jacket for Men’s

Columbia VERTEX Mens Rain Jackets

This article will mainly introduce my readers with the top most popular rain jacket for men’s known as “Columbia Vertex W/P Breathable Rain Jacket”. Just to inform you that, this rain jacket for men’s is extremely popular over the entire world just because of its unique and exclusive features and in this article, I will mainly discuss about those features. So please continue reading this article to gather some more ideas regarding this product.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of this Mens Rain Jacket:


Well, the original price of this men’s rain jacket is US $39 which is quite affordable. If you notice the cost of other different rain jackets, then it will be quite hard for you to discover the difference. I am really not so sure about the cost of this rain jacket in other online shops but if you are actually planning to buy this product from Gear Trade, then you will discover this item at that price. However, for your kind information, the retail price of this rain jacket is US $169.00;

As “Gear Trade” is a web-based store, they will not allow you to make cash payment. So naturally, you need to make payment through online and in order to make payment through online you have to have several payment methods like Visa or MasterCard or American Express or Discover or finally PayPal. Just before going to checkout, make sure that you have these methods at your hand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to purchase anything on your own and you may have to depend on others for purchasing purpose.


Well, “Columbia” is considered as the brand for this men’s rain jacket. Honestly speaking, this is one of the most popular reasons behind the great popularity of this rain jacket.At present, people from different parts of the world buy this product from Gear Trade only for this reason. Almost all the products of this brand are high in quality and perfect for everyone.Most importantly, you will be able to use the product of this brand for a very long time. That’s the actual advantage.


“VERTEX” is  the model of this rain jacket for men’s. Just to inform you that this is one of the most popular models for this kind of product. If you are badly looking for a quality men’s rain jacket, then I will for sure suggest you to choose such an item which is from this model and soon you will realize the quality of the item you purchased. So it can easily be said that the model is also another reason for the great popularity of this jacket. Hope you got my point.

Columbia VERTEX Rain Jackets for men


It’s a type of men’s rain jacket.


Just before going to buy any item, you must have to gather clear knowledge about its size. It is really very essential for everybody. If you are actually planning to shop from outside, then there will be no issue with the size of your item because outside shopping means you can check everything by your hands where if you want to shop from online store, then you only have to depend on the reviews and features for this reason, you have to be very careful whenever you are going to buy anything from the online store.


This rain jacket is only for men.


The most important fact is, you will discover this item in a great condition if you buy it from Gear Trade.


1. This men’s rain jacket is waterproof.
2. It’s quite breathable as well use it in the mountains.
3. Superb looking sufficient to wear around town.
4. Fits perfectly.
5. Sizes are pretty much perfect.


1. A few people claimed that this rain jacket for men’s didn’t fit well for them.

Finally, just because of these features and advantages I mentioned in the above, this men’s rain jacket is highly popular all over the world. But you can even get more popular rain jackets if you have an excellent skill in researching and if you have a good knowledge about the quality of this type of item. But those who don’t want to waste their valuable time by researching and following the reviews, they can consider this item without any kind of hesitation. Thanks for reading this article.
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