Review of Backpack Purse for Women

City Backpack Cognac ‘Fern’ - backpack purse for women

This article will tell you about the most popular backpack purse for women known as City Backpack Cognac ‘Fern’. If you are the one who is badly looking for a quality backpack purse especially for women, then this article is only for you. Please keep reading to know more in details.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of this Backpack Purse for Women


The genuine price of this backpack purse for women is US $98.97 which is almost similar to other different backpack prices. However, I am really not so sure about the price of this backpack purse in other online stores but if you are willing to purchase this backpack from Chesterfield Bags, then you will be able to buy this item at that price. No doubt about that. The most important and vital thing about Chesterfield Bags is they provide quality items to their customers. Each and every item of this store is really high in quality.

As Chesterfield Bags is an online based store, you will not be able to make payment in cash. In order to make payment, you have to have a PayPal account or visa or master card or you can also use your American express or Discover for making payment. Quite unfortunately, if you don’t have any of these, then you can still make payment by using the PayPal account of your friends or others or if you want or if you have any well – wisher, then you can also use their credit card information for this purpose. But one thing you have to keep in mind that today or tomorrow you have to create your new account. There is no denying the fact that the internet has made our life quite easier nowadays and most of the people of the world prefer online shopping. So online shopping needs the information of your credit card and, for this reason, you have to prepare yourself in that way.

Premium Quality Leather:

Do you know the actual reason behind the popularity of Chesterfield bags? Well, to be honest, all the items available in Chesterfield Bags is made up of premium quality leather and just because of this reason, this online store is extremely popular all over the world. No doubt about the quality of their products. People nowadays are badly in search of such type of backpacks or purses that are made up of quality leather and if you are one of them, then I will suggest you to try shopping from Chesterfield bags for at least one time. Don’t worry, they will provide you with a warranty of five years.


This backpack purse for women is mainly available in three colors. The list of the colors is given as below.

1. Cognac.
2. Brown.
3. Black.


1. First of all, this backpack purse for women is made up of premium quality leather which means you will be able to use this item for a very long time. No doubt about that.
2. Besides, it also made up of stylish waxed pull-up leather which is characterized by its soft feeling as well as two-tone color effect.
3. It comes with a warranty certificate through which you will be able to claim your warranty for sure.
4. Completely perfect size for a day trip.
5. It at the same time features a couple of inside compartments to assist you in keeping your valuables and a simple access zip pocket on the front.
6. Can be available in three colors mainly. The first one is cognac, the second one is brown and the third one is black.


1. Only three colors are available.

Though you will find only three colors are available for this backpack purse for women but the premium quality leather of this backpack can never be found anywhere. I am pretty much sure about it. Again, don’t expect to get the 5 years warranty certificate as well from any other online store. So I think this is the right time to purchase this item from the great and well – known Chesterfield Bags.
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