Why Should You Take taxi from CDG to Paris?

Car and Taxis in Paris waiting for Airport Transfer

If you look at the title of this article, then there you will find that I have used a word “CDG”. Do you know what does “CDG” mean or “CDG” stands for what? Well, CDG is a short form. The full meaning of CDG is Charles De Gaulle and it is considered as the largest airport in France. Most of the people in Paris feel comfortable to use CDG instead of Charles De Gaulle as Charles De Gaulle takes some time to express. Anyway, Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris handled around 62,052,917 passengers and 497,763 aircraft movements in the year of 2013. This is also the second largest airport in Europe. However, in this article I will mainly discuss the reason behind hiring a taxi cab from CDG to Paris. This article is mainly for those who are planning to visit Paris for this first time. Let me proceed anyway.

Paris Taxi - much Convenient Service than other Transportation System

If you are a foreigner, then I will definitely suggest you to hire a taxi just after landing the Charles De Gaulle airport. But, why? First of all, a taxi will help you to save your energy. You can also start your journey from CDG by bus but in order to get a bus you need to wait for a while which is actually not possible for any foreigner because they usually don’t want to waste their energy by waiting for a bus. Again, the bus will not be able to help you by reaching your exact destination. You may need to change the bus several times in order to reach your ultimate destination. It’s actually not possible for you after a long journey through air. But you need not to wait for a taxi. A taxi is comparatively easy to hire. But before going to hire any taxi for moving from here to there, you need to make sure that you have the fare chart at your hand. Otherwise, I will suggest you to buy a fare chart and then go for hiring a taxi. The importance of fare chart can never be described in words. In Paris, you mainly come to visit and you need to have much more money for that. So there is in fact no meaning of paying extra money to the taxi drivers. Yes, if you don’t have the fare chart at your hand, then taxi drivers will charge more from you (it’s a type of business) and you don’t have any other option without paying them. You can ask for help from others but I am not really sure whether they have sufficient time to help you or not.

If you hire a taxi, then the taxi driver is ready to listen anything you want where the bus driver is actually not. A bus driver needs to think about all the passengers of his bus. But in a taxi, you are the one and only passenger. I hope you understood what I want to mean exactly.

Besides saving your energy, a taxi will help you to save your time as well. A bus usually stops most of the times in order to take new passengers and to drop old passengers. But a taxi doesn’t behave like a bus. So in this way, you can save your time by hiring a taxi. It’s really very important for you to take rest after landing in Paris and for this reason you shouldn’t take extra time to reach your hotel. That’s why it’s important to hire a taxi from CDG to Paris. 
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