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BioShock Infinite - Buy Steam CD Keys

Grounded adventures? Not anymore!

Most video games that you can easily buy Steam CD keys for either take place on land, at sea, or in the vastness of space. And there's nothing wrong with that because all are equally beautiful and unconfined settings for the most wonderful adventures. One setting that does not get much love is the clear and blue skies, which is a shame since their boundaries are endless.

Perhaps the closest thing players can get to a truly engaging setting in the skies is Final Fantasy III from the mainline Final Fantasy series. The floating continent in that game, along with the revelation that -- SPOILERS! -- it's actually a broken piece of a much larger world, is one of the more memorable sky-related settings in the industry. (In case you're wondering, that game is easily accessible now without having to buy Steam CD keys.)

So, imagine the excitement of players when BioShock Infinite was announced to be set in a floating city in the skies. To save you the trouble of gauging the response to this game, let's just say it bagged numerous Game of the Year awards from different publications, proving that adventures up-high can indeed be successful.

BioShock Infinite - Buy cheap Steam CD Keys

No Tears will be shed when you buy Steam CD keys

One of the more unique and amazing elements of BioShock Infinite is the ability for players to interact or glimpse into different time periods by way of "Tears". These anomalies are like black holes in the space-time and are part of the game's lore, resulting in more advanced technologies or elements to be present in the game's early 1912 setting. Your partner in the game, Elizabeth, can actually open these so-called Tears. These space-time quirks can offer you an advantage in battle by giving you immediate access to weapons, even if they are from a different time.

Like the city-in-the-sky setting, the use of these space-time holes are rarely used in games you can buy Steam CD keys for since it's one of the more difficult elements to pull off, especially if time travel is involved. So, give credit to the developers for integrating the element in the game seamlessly.

BioShock Infinite - Steam Key Price compareBioShock Infinite - Steam Key Price compare

Fight in a variety of ways

BioShock Infinite is primarily a first-person shooter game. But there are several elements that make the gameplay less generic than other popular shooter games.

For starters, you have access to magic-like abilities called "Vigors". This feature gives you the ability to do amazing stuff like firing off lightning, Darth Sidious style, and having control of machines. Combine that with the basic use of guns and you have yourself a formidable almost one-man wrecking crew. Other features in the game that boost your combat prowess are the option to wear equipment that grant temporary boosts and the chance to permanently increase your parameters, called Gears and Infusions, respectively.

Perhaps the most popular mechanism in the game is the use of the floating city's railroad system called the Sky-Line. They are primarily used for transportation but you can also engage in combat while riding in it and feel like an action star along the way. BioShock Infinite is a game you should definitely buy Steam CD keys for, if only to see the flying city setting. It's worth it!
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