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Video games based on comic book characters don't receive much love from the general gaming community, with only the most die-hard fans of the characters lining up to do a Steam key search. The same with movies based on comic book characters, there is a lot of comic book content and history to take into account and not all of them can be included in the game. The chosen costume design alone is enough to spark large outcries as to why they went with that specific design. Even fighting games based on comic book characters whose only goal is to pit the characters, superhero and villain alike, against each other don't come very often due to the unfair demands of comic book fans.

Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman is one of the most popular and recognizable comic book superheroes. Movie-wise, he and Superman were the most frequent characters to get big screen adaptations -- until the launch of Marvel Studios' Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course. But video game-wise, Batman isn't equally successful. Although you can't blame video game companies for still stubbornly trying to develop that jaw-dropping Batman game to make people do a fast Steam key search, after all, the dark knight's logo alone is bankable enough.

It wasn't until the first of the Batman Arkham video game series did the caped crusader finally made a mark in video game history. Perhaps inspired by film director Christopher Nolan's take on the comic book character, the series takes on a darker and more grounded approach and is powered by a combination of excellent gameplay mechanics and superb voice acting. And this new installment, Batman: Arkham Knight, certainly takes the series to greater heights.

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Along with Batman's familiar foes in the game, there is also a mysterious masked persona not unlike the dark knight himself prowling around Gotham City calling himself/herself the "Arkham Knight". There may be secrets hidden behind the Arkham Knight which could be directly tied to Bruce Wayne or his alter ego, and it's up to the player to utilize Batman's arsenal of detective tactics and high-tech equipment to get to the bottom of the game's story. One of the high points of the series is its compelling story which is enough to warrant a Steam key search on its own.

The player can control Batman to glide along the skies of Gotham City, scouting every corner like a drone. While in the air, they can also use some of Batman's nifty gadgets like his bat-shaped boomerangs called 'Batarangs'.

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Go, go, Batmobile!

Along with Batman's logo, the only other thing most closely associated with the vigilante is his all-black personal vehicle called the 'Batmobile'. So, it's a bit surprising that previous games in the series did not immediately introduce the heavily-armored vehicle.

The wait is over for fans, however, as Batman: Arkham Knight finally brings the Batmobile into action. The game might have indulged a bit too much on the development of the vehicle, which is used to quickly traverse Gotham City and to aid in taking down enemies, but you certainly won't hear any complaints from fans.

Do a quick Steam key search for Batman: Arkham Knight whenever you are looking to buy gift cards and you certainly won't regret experiencing arguably the best comic book character-based video game around.
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