Small-scale Cheap Game Keys for a Global-Scale of fun with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Cheap Game Keys for Counter Attack

Similar core, but still only requires cheap game keys

What started out as a mod for the PC game Half Life has now become a franchise of its own. And now the fourth main installment in the Counter-Strike series is ready for your purchase of cheap game keys. Staying true to its roots, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive plays out similarly to its predecessors -- why change an already proven formula for success? The core gameplay still revolves around players choosing a side, Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists, and either carrying out objectives depending on the map or killing every opposing team member. It's a simple yet addicting gameplay that does not get old even when repeatedly accomplished (just ask veteran players).

Cheap PC Game keys for Counter Attack

Fire in the hole!

 There are numerous new weapons and equipment that players can have access to when they play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive using cheap game keys. Each weapon, of course, will take a bit of time getting used to like any other weapon. The most notable addition to the game, however, is the firebomb. The explosive armament -- called differently depending on which side you are on -- is very useful, which can be used both for offense and defense. The firebomb, when used, engulfs a small area in flames, essentially acting as a wall of fire that burns anyone stupid (or brave) enough to traverse through. It can also be used to distract opponents, drawing them to the place of the burning area like moths to a flame.

Cheap Steam Keys for Counter Attck

Enjoy your cheap game keys five-ways

 Like most shooter games that players can buy cheap game keys for, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive makes it money from the thousands of players participating in online multiplayer matches. With the internet acting as wall of protection for players, they can play the game to whatever style they prefer. Of course, there are penalties for those who just troll around, with the kindest "penalty" being repeatedly cursed by other players.

Online multiplayer matches can be played in currently five game modes or scenarios: Bomb Scenario, Hostage Scenario, Arms Race, Demolition, and Deathmatch.

The first two modes, Bomb and Hostage, are the same from previous installments in the series so they don't need further explanation. The Arms Race mode is a variation of the deathmatch mode where players get a new weapon for each kill. The last weapon awarded to players is a golden knife and whoever gets the first kill with the said knife wins the game.

The Demolition mode is a bit similar objective-wise to the Bomb Scenario where the Terrorists must plant a bomb in a predetermined bomb site. The difference is that the purchasing option of all items is non-existent. Players obtain weapons by having kills, similar to the Arms Race mode.

In the Deathmatch mode, players are placed in 10-minute matches with the common goal of achieving the highest score by killing enemies. Points vary depending on the weapons used.

Overall, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the finest online multiplayer shooter games around that is worth every bit of cheap game keys. The game is arguably the best among other popular shooter games, which players can also easily search for game keys.
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