How to Get Certified in order to become a Taxi Driver?

Certified Taxi Driver

It is true that you absolutely don’t need to have any kind of formal education in order to become a taxi driver. But what you need to have is an excellent driving skill. This is very important if you really want to become a driver. At the same time, good manners and behaviors is also an essential part of driving. You need to behave politely with your customers I mean passengers. The prime benefit for the taxi drivers is they can work anytime they want. The average earnings for the taxi drivers are only $1000.97 per hour where an experienced driver can easily earn twice than that. I am not sure about the average drivers earnings in Paris, San Francisco and Chicago and I assume may be little bit higher or lower than that amount.

Getting certified is the first and foremost point to become a taxi driver. First of all, you need to make sure that you are the right person for driving a taxi. Almost all the cities have lots of specific requirements in order to drive a taxi and you must need to check them thoroughly in order to confirm that you qualify. There are some typical requirements for the drivers and they are given as below:

1. At first, you need to have a driving license without which you will not be able to move with your taxi.
2. Age is also an essential factor in order to drive a taxi. In maximum cities, taxi drivers must be 21 where in some places 18 – years of age is also considerable.
3. It is quite important for you to pass the medical test in order to ensure that you don’t have any critical disease.
4. Drivers must generally have no unpaid tickets for getting certified.

You need to prepare yourself in a proper way to be a taxi driver. I told you before that you don’t need to have any academic requirements in order to dive a taxi. What you need to have is perfect training. Some cities need several brief training though it depends on the city. The length of the training is a day to few weeks. However, the training covers different topics like taxi meter operation, communication equipment, street layout, driver safety and local traffic laws. Taxi agencies will generally train new hires for free or you can search for training at a local community or college or professional taxi school. A number of municipalities that need training by law include:

1. Paris: It is mandatory for you to obtain diploma PSC 1 or a level 1 first aid certificate.
2. San Francisco: In San Francisco, you need to attend accredited taxi school and obtain two types of certificates. The first one is Taxi Training Certificate and the second one is Sensitivity Training Certificate.
3. Chicago: In Chicago, it’s quite essential for you to attend a three-week course at the Public Chauffer Training Institute.

Passing any required test is also very important. Tests cover topic like:

1. Customer Service.
2. No Discrimination.
3. Business  Practices.
4. Cab Requirements.
5. Boundaries.
6. Landmarks.
7. Roots.

Besides, you have to manage the necessary paperwork like:

1. Drug Test.
2. A Medical examination.
3. Driving Record.
4. A Criminal Background Check.
5. A Valid Driving License.
6. Immigrant Documentation (if applicable).
7. A Social Security Card.

So by following the steps I mentioned in the above, one can easily get certified to become a taxi driver. However, for those who drive taxi in Paris, it’s quite necessary for them to keep a fair chart inside their taxi. So that passengers can easily calculate the total price from one distance to another. Most of the drivers don’t like to put the fare chart inside their cab because their tendency is to take much from the customers. This is not good at all. This is the rule of Paris taxi and you need to maintain it very properly. Don’t misbehave with any passenger if he / she wants to negotiate. Simply show them the fare chart.

I visited Paris so many times and from there I came to learn that you’re actually not allowed to pay the taxi fare through your card. Most of the drivers don’t like to take payment through card. I really don’t know what the reasons behind taking payment in cash are but you don’t have any other option. So before getting into the cab, ask the driver about the fare and make sure that you have sufficient in your pocket. Or you can also check the fare chart check the automated taxi fare estimator or which will help you to get the accurate fare all the time especially in the city of Paris. 
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